Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brad Steiger - Conspiracies and Secret Societies (2006)

Publisher: Visible Ink Press | ISBN-10: 1578591740 | ISBN-13: 978-0486230580 | Year: 1950 | Pages: 558 | Pdf | 31 MB | About the Author: Wikipedia | Google Images: Brad Steiger

Name a conspiracy theory that has made its way into the popular mass media, and it is most likely included in this informative and entertaining encyclopedia, which provides an introduction for anyone looking for "the basics" about any of the well-known and even lesser-known theories. Included among the nearly 200 alphabetically arranged entries are Diana, Princess of Wales; Internet - a tool of the new world order; Knights Templar; Raelians; and Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash. Entries range from short paragraphs to several pages in length, and sources are listed. The writing style is elementary without being condescending. The authors state that they are "reporting without bias." This does appear to be the case, based on reading random entries on a wide variety of subjects.

The index makes up somewhat for the lack of cross-references. A list of "Resources to Assist in Conspiracy and Secret Society Research" includes recommended books, films, and Web sites. The volume is attractively laid out, with black-and-white images, sketches, and photos. This is a captivating look at a topic that fascinates many. Recommended for public libraries and elsewhere where interest is apparent.

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