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Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa Books

1: The Third Eye (1956) This is where it all started; an autobiography about a young man's journey into becoming a medical Lama and undergoing an operation to open the third eye. We are shown a glimpse into the Tibetan way of Lamasery life and the deep understanding of spiritual knowledge. Until this point in time lamasery life was unknown, even to those few who had actually visited Tibet. Lobsang joins The Chakpori Lamasery and learns the most secret of Tibetan esoteric sciences and much more...

2: Doctor from Lhasa (1959) The story continues with Lobsang living in Chungking, China. Here he furthered his medical studies; learns to fly a plane, getting captured and tortured by the Japanese. Lobsang spent much time living in concentration camps as the medical officer until the day he escaped. Lobsang was one of the very few people to survive the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Exercise in breathing to improve ones well being.

3: The Rampa Story (1960) Rampa's journey continues as Lobsang travels from Korea into Russia, Europe and the USA, finally ending up in England. Lobsang endures capture and torture until he once again, escapes by driving luxury cars. In this book Lobsang inhabits (transmigration) the body of an English man (Cyril Henry Hoskins) eager to leave this world, enabling Lobsang to continue his special task.

4: The Cave of the Ancients (1963) A small glimpse into past history of the earth and its inhabitants who hid highly technical equipment which to this day remains hidden. Lobsang with his guide; the Lama Mingyar Dondup, get's to visit where this technology is hidden and sees with his own eyes the wondrous  equipment.  This technology is waiting for those who can use it for the benefit of mankind, that time is drawing near...

5: Living With the Lama (1964) A book typed by Lobsang but telepathically dictated by one of his many cats;  Fifi Greywhiskers. Animals are not dumb creatures as many humans think, we are ones who are dumb in comparison as all animals - with the exception of most humans - can calk to each other by simple telepathy.  Fifi tell of her life before meeting Lobsang and they journeys they took together...

6: You Forever (1965) The first of two self-training books in metaphysics. Finally, the truth! This book explains in clear simple terms how to start learning certain metaphysics and the dos and don't in achieving that goal. Astral travel, Telepathy, clairvoyance and Auras.

7: Wisdom of the Ancients (1965) The second of two self-training books in metaphysics. In this book Lobsang explains the meaning or many occult words in an understandable format for Western People. More exercises on breathing, stones, diets and why you shouldn't exercise.

8: The Saffron Robe (1966) Further insight into Lobsang's life within Lamahood and the origins of Buddhism - the story of Gautama - and it's noble truths.

9: Chapters of Life (1967) Lobsang talks about dimensions, Parallel worlds and prophecies. Lobsang also answers questions about religion and Christianity.

10: Beyond the Tenth (1969) This first questions and answers book, he provides advice and teaching on the care or man's physical and spiritual forms, the purpose of life, death, reincarnation and UFOs. Some herbal remedies for common ailments. Starting point for those wishing to know how to take real Aura pictures.

11: Feeding the Flame (1971) The first ten books was trying to light the candle, now we have to feed the flame of life. More readers questions answered. Absolute proof of reincarnation by quoting a instance in history and explaining that event in detail...

12: The Hermit (1971) Lobsang meets a blind hermit to further his learning and discovers about the real people who placed life of this earth who are known as the 'Gardeners of the Earth' We are not the only inhabited planet in our; or any other, solar system and galaxy. An true insight into Moses & Jesus Christ who was, but a messenger.

13: The Thirteenth Candle (1972) More of Lobsang's journey through life. Lobsang talks in detail about homosexuality including comments from a homosexual. Breathing techniques. The Overself explained in greater detail and quells the misconception about 'Spiritual Guides'. How to astral travel...

14: Candlelight (1973) In this book Lobsang tells us about pendulums and how to use them, Zodiacs. and he also transcribes a previous meeting with the press, arranged by his dear friend Alain Stanke. More questions and answers to many of life's mysteries...

15: Twilight (1975) Lobsang explains astral travel and it's levels. His move to Calgary and more answers to life mysteries and the biggest mystery of our 'Hollow Earth' in more detail. Dr. Rampa Explains who to correctly use Pendulums.


16: As It Was (1976) As it was then - as it is now - and what's to possible come. Possible? - because all future predictions are base on probabilities. The 'Press' and their attitude and Disposing of bodies Tibetan style. More about Dr. Rampa personal life and also the real story about the life of Cyril Henry Hoskins.

17: I Believe (1977) In this book Dr. Rampa will tell of a person who commits suicide and exactly what happens and how they have to repay the debt which can span many lives - each time conditions getting harder and harder - anyone contemplating suicide should read this. God: from different perspectives. Woman's Liberation and where women went wrong.

18: Three Lives (1977) The cycle of lives by three very different people and what they would perceive as death because of their beliefs. We follow each path and see how their journeys terminate at the same place - albeit a scenic route for some. The direct path is in front yet; mankind continually takes the scenic route.

19: Tibetan Sage (1980) The final book. Dr. Rampa recalls experiences with his guide in the 'inner temple' the cave of the ancients. How the world started, how it going and the evils of petroleum which is NOT a fossil fuel. Lobsang's final words before departing this world in January 1981 aged over a hundred years old.
Multi Media

Meditation - 8Mb Wav file - Lobsang explains meditation, something we should be doing on a daily basis. Meditating taps into the subconscious which is a source of insurmountable knowledge. One thing to remember it's NOT possible to meditate in groups and you MUST have a meditation robe to isolate yourself from external influences. See 'Meditation' for more information.

Prayers - 4Mb Wav file - Lobsang explains the real power or prayers and how to pray. Further information is in his book called 'You Forever' I have since discovered that Dr. Rampa wasn't totally happy about this recording, perhaps because of the wording 'Give'. The western understanding of the word 'Give' differs from the eastern. If you replace the word 'Give' with the word 'Grant' it's more acceptable in western terms because you are requesting 'Powers' and NOT demanding. Remember; the teacher arrives only when the student is ready, there is no fast-track just because you demand something.
Mama san Ra'ab Rampa

1: Pussywillow  (1976) Life with Lobsang and the cats which rule the roost. Ra-Ab tell us of when Sindhi - a blind cat - jointed the family and how Miss Ku-ei was her guide until she knew the layouts of the rooms by heart. Mr. Monkey joins the family. Valuable information about understanding cats.

2: Tigerlily (1978) Life before Lobsang and the cats. This is RA'AB's second book.

3: Autumn Lady (1980) Her final book (in English) I believe. This is RA'AB's Third book.

4: Flor Sylvestre (1982) Originally written in Portuguese, but translated here into English. It's original name was Wild Brair. This is RA'AB's forth book.

5: El Testamento de Lobsang Rampa (1984) Originally written in Spanish and I have only found a link to the book. This was a summery of Lobsang's life from her point of view. This is RA'AB's fifth and last book.
Related Material

There are three other books which have maliciously used the name of T. Lobsang Rampa for monetary gain; they are all fakes. I will highlight these books as they can confuse - they are;

  • My Trip to Venus - This was never a book, it was an article written purely for a UFO magazine.

  • Cosmic Telepathy - This book was not co-written by Dr. Rampa. It's written by Tuella.

  • My Visit to Aghartha - This book was not written by Dr. Rampa. It was created by Gray Barker who used Dr. Rampa's name without his permission. Read Karen's book titled "Lobsang Rampa New Age Trailblazer" regarding the story about this evil book; evil as it's totally misleading! See Other Rampa books for more information. - Lee

1: Sheelagh Rouse's (2005) A new book titled '25 Years with Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa'  This book completes any Rampa collection. Sheelagh was known as 'Buttercup' in his books. Sheelagh tells us about the time she first met Dr. Rampa, the struggles they all endured - especially against the press who's only interest is in selling newspapers at any cost - even if it means printing vile lies without letting those being persecuted defend themselves in any way. Their numerous travels - the sad sudden death of feline Fifi - and how she had to split company with Dr. Rampa so he could depart to the heavenly fields. You can also discover the outcome of Lobsang's personal predictions for Sheelagh. This is NOT an autobiography of Dr. Rampa, it is a privileged insight into their very private lives through Sheelagh eye's.
2: Karen Mutton's (2006) New book  titled  'Lobsang Rampa New Age Trailblazer' offering a rare insight into the life and works of Dr. Rampa. Author Karen Mutton has done exceptionally well here - in fighting Lobsang's corner - telling us about the continuously persecution of the press that Lobsang and his family endured and conformation by other academics which corroborates Lobsang's books, with the outcome of his many predictions - we who loved his work never disbelieved what he wrote or said, sadly many did and still do.
1: My Trip to Venus This was never published as a book, but as an article for a UFO Magazine... This book should not have been published really, but I am prepared to believe that you published in good faith under the assumption that I was in South America and so not available. To regularise your position I suggest this; you make two alterations as requested by me, and I will give you permission to publish and sell the book.  I will not take royalties on this book, “My Visit to Venus,” but instead you can send ten per cent of your profits to The Save A Cat League of 245 West  25th Street, New York City, because poor little cats have a miserable time in this hard world. TL Rampa (Letter)
Rampa's been hi-jacked, 26 Aug 2003  

By  "Richard F. Weaver" - See all my reviews

I am sure, all T Lobsang Rampa reader's will no doubt find this book very hard to except. There are too many anomalies to the book for it to be genuine and when Madam Blavatsky is mentioned I think the culprit could very well be the Theasophical Society.
The journey they go on to get to "Agharta" is so bazaar and far fetched that nobody could believe it, the sad thing is that the second half of the book is genuine. Definite excerpts of his books have been used to compleat the book and make it look authentic. Don't be fooled by this attemt to copy Rampa, he died on Jan 25 1981 and he told us all there will be no more from him, not even new found manuscripts and for the record, he published nineteen books not twelve as this latest book tell's us. Please mr publisher lets have them all reprinted, mine are getting a bit tatty.

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