Friday, February 4, 2011

Hargrave Jennings - The Rosicrucians: Their Rites & Mysteries (1870)

Publisher: Unknown | ISBN-10: 1564591182 | ISBN-13: 978-1443722759 | Year: 1870 | Pages: 398 | Pdf | 3,9 MB | About the Author: Wikipedia | Google Images: X

An exhaustive study of the Rosicrucians and their beginnings. An important work and an excellent resource. With chapters on the Ancient Fire and Serpent-Worshippers, and Explanations of the Mystic Symbols Represented in the Monuments and Talismans of the Primeval Philosophers.


* Critics of the Rosicrucians Criticized
* Singular Adventure in Staffordshire
* Insufficiency of Worldly Objects
* The Hermetic Philosophers
* An Historical Adventure
* The Hermetic Brethren
* Mythic History of the Fleur-De-Lis
* Sacred Fire
* Fire-Theolosophy of the Persians
* Ideas of the Rosicrucians as to the Character of Fire
* Monuments Raised to Fire-Worship in all Countries
* Druidical Stones and Their Worship
* Inquiry as to the Possibility of Miracle
* Can Evidence be Depended Upon?-Examination of Hume's Reasoning
* Footsteps of the Rosicrucians Amidst Architectural Objects
* The Round Towers of Ireland
* Prismatic Investiture of the Microcosm
* Cabalistic Interpretations by the Gnostics
* Mystic Christian Figures and Talismans
* The "Rosy Cross" in Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Medi?val Monuments
* Myth of the Scorpion, or the Snake, in its Many Disguises
* Ominous Character of the Colour "White" to English Royalty
* The Beliefs of the Rosicrucians-Meaning of Lights and of Commemorative Flambeaux in all Worship
* The Great Pyramid

* History of the Tower or Steeple
* Presence of the Rosicrucians in Heathen and Christian Architecture
* Rosicrucians Amidst Ancient Mysteries and in the Orders of Knighthood

* Rosicrucianism in Strange Symbols
* Connection Between the Templars and Gnosticism
* Rosicrucian Origin of the Order of the Garter

* Rosicrucian Supposed Means of Magic Through Signs, Signals, and Figures
* Astro-Theosophical System of the Rosicrucians - The Alchemic Magisterium.


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