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Fenrir – Journal of Satanism and The Sinister. (Various Issues)


Fenrir Is Back

The summary by The Heresy Press


THE WOLF IS BACK! Fenrir returns with a spectacular collection of fresh insights. Authors include Chloe, Kayla, Endymion, Anton Long, Eques Sinemus, Sister Morgan, David Myatt, Aethelius Zardex, Saarjite, Arblande Reich + more. List of contents: Introduction: The Wolf Is Back, The Difference Between Us, Animal Sacrifice: A Fresh Perspective, Days Of Solitude, We Love Unsuspecting, Kharis, Sapphic Sorcery: In Praise Of The Feminine, Responsability, I.S.D. Program, An Interview With ‘Nightbringer’, The Dreccian Newborn, Lithium, A Chant Compendium: Sinister Chants Of The ONA, Bagendon – February Evening, The Seeds Of The New + several recent works of art created by ONA Initiates. 51 pages.”


Random Blinks

It’s a beautiful chilly Monday morning here in Southern Cali. It’s completely dark outside from the think covering of rain clouds. We can here the rain drops beating rhythmically up against our window. I got a hot cup of coffee in one hand, and a hot body in one arm, and a blanket wrap around us. There’s something about the rain that I’ve always loved. Maybe it’s because of the stillness the rain brings outside when people stay in. And the tranquil droning of rain drops falling on your window. But I often daze off into this reflective mood when it rains. So here we are silently reflecting on the past two years since our 352 tribe has been active online. And we’re staring at the new Fenrir on the Heresy Press’s page. With all these random thoughts passing by as the rain fall. You really don’t know what living means until you have a warm body in your arms, and her soft voice rambling on about nothing and everything to the trickling of rain in the background. She could be talking in a foreign language… and it wouldn’t matter at all really.

I’m sure there have been a few ONA-ish news letters and zines over the years besides “Fenrir” which have all come and gone. Like little seeds which have fallen off a tree trying to sprout and grow in the shadow of its parent. These zines and even what old nexions have sprouted for a while often fade away and die in that shadow of the ONA… never to have left a recognizable mark.

This second coming of Fenrir to us, just isn’t another zine about the ONA on another lulu. This new Fenrirto us marks something ‘historic’ in the ONA which is just as important and special as a birthday or something. To think that next year… in 2010… the ONA will technically be about 50 years old.

This second coming of Fenrir marks the ONA having successfully jumped the generation gap and the birth of the ONA’s second generation cycle. It tells us on an emotional or intuitive level that the ONA has survived since the 1960?s… and has adapted/evolved to become significant and relevant to a new generation in this 21st century of ours. A new generation that will surely take it with us, into our future. This in itself is a unique event.

Now we have two Fenrir’s each the product of two different generations of minds. Just like people, the old Fenrir, was affected and inspired by things of it’s time and era. We have the old Fenrir… in which perhaps two people or so (AL and Friends) wrote out their minds and captured these mental snapshots of the era, aeon, and time frame they existed in. In which they expressed their thoughts, visions, dreams, in context to their olden weltanschauung. Like a time capsule, buried in cyberspace for us to dig up and study… a link to a bygone age and time that is alien to us today.

Nearly fifty years later… after so many years of numinous struggling… the ONA has made it into the 21st century as our inheritance. Now our own generation has it’s own Fenrir… and already it looks quite different. With a host of new brilliant minds of our own generations expressing ONA in our own unique ways, sharing our own unique insights… imbuing Our Fenrir with what is relevant, needed, and important to us of today. With our hopes, and dreams, our goals, and visions… our thoughts and our rites, which are now truly “Traditional.” As a time capsule which will be buried here in cyberspace, for a future unborn generation to find and glean from… perhaps 50 years from our own time.

It was thru the OG’s of the past that the ONA flowed thru to us of today… thru their writings and their Fenrir… and it will be thru each of us, our own writings, and our own Fenrir which the Sinister Tradition of our ONA will pass onto future generations. So that… what becomes of the ONA of tomorrow, is dependent on what we manifest today… in our writings, our words, our deeds.

What then will we fill this new Fenrir with? How will our own time and era, our own perspectives on life and the Cosmos, our own needs and visions, be recorded in this trans-generational medium?

The two of us already hope/wish for this Fenrir to evolve into a real zine which is based on everything associated with what we may call the “Sinister Way of life.” A zine not just about odd occult topics, but on music and culture that resonates with our Dark Tradition as well. A zine with not just weird articles on some outdated “Satanism” of the 60?s, but with things like interviews with El Emme, or Al Qaeda… articles on extremist groups that live and embody the aura of defiance and a will to be free which resonates with ONA, and that “Myattian” dislike of States and governments. A zine which not only presents ONA points of view on life and the world… but one that also presents the thoughts, concepts, memes, and world-views of other groups and people that resonate with some aspect of what is the Sinister Way.

We do hope that with each new issue of Fenrir that more and more our our Dreccian sisters and brothers will come forward to contribute. So that as our own time passes, Our Fenrir will grow and evolve to truly reflect who we are, what kind of world we currently exist in, and what our visions and dreams are… for those generations which are not yet born. In this way, Our Fenrir will not just be another ONA newsletter thingy like so many… it will be a tool to actively – aeonically – help materialize Imperium by inspiring our true target market – the unborn of a future time… as we Dreccians of this 21st century were the unborn target market to the Old Guard of 50 years ago.

It’s a lazy rainy Monday. It’s cold… we’re going back to bed.


Kayla 352

Order of Nine Angles

120 yf, G2

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Journal of Satanism & The Sinister

Volume 2 - ( 101yf )

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Volume 3 - ( 104yf - 106yf )

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Volume 4 - ( 107/108yf )

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Volume 5 - ( 109yf )

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Issue 1 - ( 120yf )

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Issue 1 - ( 121yf )
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