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The Elemental Hierarchies

The Astral Government

This list of the elemental hierarchies is a suggestion by Trowa Barton (a regular in the chat room). The suggestion was made simply out of the fact that I sometimes find myself talking about astral politics, and that most the time nobody else in the chat room knows what I mean or who I’m referring to. Therein, this is not only a guide that the aspiring summoner should find useful, but a guide to understand some of the things I may talk about in future articles, in the chat room, in my classes, or on the forums. If you ever hear me mention a weird name, you can probably find it here. This article may be useful in practical magic for a few of you, but for the majority of you, it will simply serve as a quick-and-easy reference guide when/if needed.

The lists herein provide the primary spirits, or orders of spirits, involved within each element in order from most control over that element to least control. It is important to remember that they are not listed here in order from most powerful to least powerful, only from most influential over the element to least influential over the element. When two or more spirits are listed on the same line, it means that they are equal in influence over that element. While the spirits are listed from most influential to least, the Orders of Elements themselves are not in any particular order. But first, a pronunciation key:

The Vowels:

A = Ah
E = Ay (as in hey, or obey)
I = ee (as in key, or "me")
O = oh (as in toe)
U = oo (as in pool)

Miscellaneous notes on Letters:

- C is always a hard sound, as K is in "kite."
- G is always a hard G sound, never a soft "J" sound
- Q always sounds like the "K" in "Kite."
- Y is either "ee" or "ay." However, it is commonly "ee"
- J makes a soft "Sh" sound.

Ai = Ah-EE
Ao = Ah-OH
Oi = Oh-EE
Qu = Koo, not Kyoo

Example: Thahaaothahe = Thah-ha-ah-OH-tha-hay

The Order of Air

Emperor: Tahoeloj
Ruler: Ariel
King of Spirits: Paralda
Queen of Spirits: Vayu
Archangel: Raphael
Angels in accordance to Briah: Metatron and Yehuel
Archangels in accordance to Assiah: Metatron and Raphael
Demon King: Oriens
Genii of the 12 hours: Auglun, Zuphlas, Phaldor, Rosabis, Adjuchas, Sophas and Halacho
Angel: Chassam
Choirs: Chasmalim, Seraphim, Chaioth ha Qadosh, Malakim
Angelic Orders: Dominions, Principalities)
Egyptian God: Ra Hindu God: Vishnu Hari Krsna Rama Greek God: Iacchus
Angel ruling Zodiac: Ansuel
Archdemon: Azazel
Princes of the Qelipoth: Satan, Moloch and Belphegor
Lesser assistant of the zodiacal sign: Tzakmiqiel
Angel of the Triplicity by day: Athor by Night: Polyan
Goetic Demons by Day: Foras, Asmoday and Gaap by Night:Amdusias, Belial, Decarabia
Geomantic Intelligence: Cambriel
Elemental Beings: Sylphs
Elemental Creatures: Fays, muses, dryads, drus, pixies, hamadryads

The Order of Earth

Emperor: Thahaaothahe
Ruler: Kerub
King of Spirits: Ghob
Queen of Spirits: Gaia
Archangel: Uriel
Angels in accordance to Briah: Michael
Archangels in accordance to Assiah: Sandalphon
Angels in accordance to Assiah: Ashim 
Demon King: Amaimon
Genii of the 12 Hours: Sisera, Torvatus, Nitibus, Hizarbin, Sachluph, Baglis, Laberzerin
Angel: Phorlakh
Choir: Aralim
Angelic Orders: Cherubim
Attributed Gods: Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, Lakshmi, Ceres, Persephone
Angel Ruling Zodiac: Toel
Archdemon: Mahazael
Lesser Assistant of the Zodiacal Sign: Araziel
Angel of the Triplicity by day: Rayel by Night: Totath
Goetic Demons by Day: Gamigina, Marbas, Valefor by Night: Raum, Focalor, Vepar
Geomantic Intelligence: Asmodel
Elemental Beings: Gnomes
Elemental Creatures: Brownies, elves, sylvetres, satyrs, pans, dryads, hamadryads, durdalis, goblins, dwarfs, leprechauns, and giants.

The Order of Water

Emperor: Thahebyobeaatan
Ruler: Tharsis
King of Spirits: Nichsa
Queen of Spirits: Tritone
Archangel: Gabriel
Archangels in accordance to Assiah: Tzaphkiel
Angels in accordance to Briah: Kerubiel
To Assiah: Aralim
Demon King: Ariton
Genii of the 12 Hours: Nantur, Toglas, Zalburis, Alphun, Tukiphat, Zizuph, Cuniali
Angel: Taliahad
Choir: Kerubim
Angelic Orders: Thrones, archangels
Attributed Gods: Maut, Isis, Nephthys, Bhavani (all forms of Sakti), Frigga
Angel Ruling Zodiac: Susul
Archdemon: Azael
Princes of the Qelipoth: Lucifuge
Lesser Assistant of the Zodiacal Sign: Saitziel
Angel of the Triplicity by day: Bethehon by Night: Sahaqanab
Goetic Demons by Day: Ipos, Aim, Nebarius by Night: Amy, Oriax, Napula
Geomantic Intelligence: Barachiel
Elemental Beings: Undines
Elemental Creatures: Mermaids, ocenaid, oreades, nereides, limoniades, sprites, nixen, potamides

The Order of Fire

Emperor: Ohooohatan
Ruler: Seraph
King of Spirits: Djin
Queen of Spirits: Pele
Archangel: Michael
Archangels in accordance to Assiah: Ratziel
Angels in accordance to Briah: Raphael
Demon King: Paimon
Genii of the 12 Hours: Zeirna, Tablibik, Tacritau, Suphlatus, Sair, Barcus, Camaysar
Angel: Aral
Choirs: Auphanim
Angelic Orders: 
Attributed Gods: Amoun, Thoth, Nuith, Shiva, Vishnu, Odin, Athena, Hermes
Angel Ruling Zodiac: Oel
Archdemon: Samuel
Princes of the Qelipoth: Satan and Moloch
Lesser Assistant of the Zodiacal Sign: Sharatiel
Angel of the Triplicity by day: Sanahem by Night: Zalberhith
Goetic Demons by Day: Beleth, Leraikha, Eligos by Night: Crocell, Furcas, Balam
Geomantic Intelligence: Verachiel
Elemental Beings: Salamanders
Elemental Creatures: Acthnici, drakes, basilisk, phoenix, sphinx

Comments on the ranks of the orders

Concerning Assiah and Briah - Assiah and Briah are two of the four Kabbalistic worlds, which are:

Atziluth: The Archetypal World or Divine World
Briah: Creative World or World of Thrones
Yetsirah: Formative World
Assiah: Manifest World

Concerning the Qliphoth - In Kabalistic tradition, the Qliphoth is the inverted, “evil” tree of life, in which the fruit of kether is in the place of malkuth, signifying imbalance in natural order. The existence of the Qelipoth due to fractured emanation of the sefira in the beginning of creation is the reason that evil has room to exist.

Concerning the Geomantic Intelligences - These are the spirits consulted when dealing with the art of geomancy in order to get a precise reading in the desired elemental work field.

Let it be known that this list is subjective to Judeo-Christian, Persian, and Chaldean paradigm. Though it may say that Seraph is of fire, and therefore of the south, he can also be called from any of the other four cardinal directions, and so it is with all the spirits previously mentioned with the exception of the elemental kings and emperors, who are assigned to specific towers which reside astrally in what we would parallel as the four cardinal directions.  Because of their assignment to their specific tower, they can only be successfully invoked from the direction in which that tower lays.
Updated: 5-6-2015

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